UTB Parent Testimonies

“UTB Wrestling has had an amazingly positive impact on my Son.
The coaching staff are not just guys teaching kids to wrestle. Brett Sanchez and Justin Martin train boys to not only be Champions on the mats, but to be kind, respectful, young men outside the gym. My son has been training with UTB for only a year. Prior to UTB he was not doing well in school, as his reading level was well below standard. He is in third grade and read at the first grade level. He was disruptive and disrespectful to his teacher in class. Constantly the class clown seeking to cover his lack of academic success with acting out in class. His social skills were also behind the curve because of his behavior. The wife and I were fed up with his shenanigans and threatened to remove him from wrestling if things did not change.

About mid-season Coach Brett had a personal sit down with our son and told him that if changes were not made in his behavior he would have to remove him from the team roster. Brett even threatened to come sit through class with him.  All with love and compassion. That’s what separates UTB from other youth sports programs. UTB is a family and everybody supports one another. We enjoy family outings, BBQs, birthdays, and it’s tradition to have a signing party when our high school boys sign their letter of intent for college. That’s the thing, UTB is not just for little guys, middle school and high school boys are also part of the family. The middle and high school guys help to mentor, tutor, and set an example for the “Baby Beasts”.

My son started out a skinny, at times clumbsy, and rebellious little guy at 68 pounds. He did know that myself, his uncles, older brothers were wrestlers and thats what he wanted to do. After a few losses at the beginning of his first season he figured out what Coach meant when he told the boys, “We do not lose, we learn”. We win or we learn what we need work on. Great concept and so inspirational. My son started gaining more confidence and winning, not only on the mats but off as well. At school my son’s reading and math scores have improved 110%. So proud of him, he has almost caught up to appropriate reading level. He does not act out in class and is respectful to those in authority at school. He has an outstanding work ethic. He has 15 medals to prove his want to win on the mats. He won first place at the state qualifier meet. Oustanding for his rookie year.

Much thanks to our UTB family and all the coaching staff. UTB has three RN nurses that travel with the team so we know our kids are safe. Special thanks go out to Coaches Brett Sanchez, Justin Martin, Managers Chris Ching and Christina P.”

-Richard Sheets

  • Son: Eric Sheets (8-years old)

“These guys are the best. Their attention to detail and their training style is exactly what I want for my boys. I have been with UTB since they started in 2014 and my boys have improved so much. They offer off season training everyday of the week which is something our last club didn’t offer. I have taken my boys to other clubs and none of them compare to UTB. Other coaches never really got to know my boys personally but Brett & Justin got to know my boys, myself, and my husband, and have become “family”. We love them and support all that they do without hesitation. You can feel the difference when you walk in the room.  They have nothing but love and passion for the sport and always go above and beyond what’s expected. They personally care for each wrestler and ensure that no one gets “lost in the shuffle”. They love all their boys, and UTB families like their own.  They lead by example and help our boys live by UTB’s motto “It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle!”

-Monica Abarca

  • Son: Gabriel (Age: 13)
  • Son: Joshua (Age:10)

“Our family is new to wrestling, our son has only wrestled for one season. In about five months we’ve seen amazing growth on and off the mat. The fact that one single sport can teach someone how to conquer fears, meet goals and overcome obstacles is amazing! You apply this to a child and you have a formula for success. UTB has taught our son that as an individual you are responsible for the outcome of your own work, and the results are up to you. There is no one to blame, if you don’t perform you have to go back and train harder. Coach Brett Sanchez and Coach Justin Martin make sure all wrestlers apply this mentality to every day life. Coach Sanchez says that everyday is a wrestling match. The motivation our son has received through UTB has impacted his school performance to such level that he was able to obtain an award for academics and citizenship while training five days a week. At eight years old he has his mind set on attending college and as parents we couldn’t be more happy to motivate him to perform at such high level. UTB is a family, and they just don’t say it, they prove it. The coaches are all committed to the improvement of each wrestler on and off the mat.”

-Poderick Family

  • Son: Madden (age 7)

“One year ago my son joined UTB for their offseason program. He was a shy, awkward, football player who was only wrestling to pass the time until the next football season. After 6 months with the club he told me that he was done playing football and was going to focus on wrestling like all the kids he wants to beat so bad, a big decision for a little boy. Those were words I never thought I would hear from him. Words that he would have never said if it weren’t for UTB and his coaches. My shy boy is now displaying true leadership skills. He already knows that he will be a wrestling coach, just like his coaches. At nine years old he has goals of getting into private high school, graduating with an above 4.0 GPA, and getting into Cornell University.. All for wrestling. Since joining the club he has watched 6 graduating seniors sign their letters of intent for college. These aren’t dreams to him, they are realities. He knows that he can do whatever he wants as long as he works hard enough because he’s witnessed it time and time again with his big brothers. Since October he has had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Reno, and Denver. As well as all over California. Adventures with his best friends, doing what they love. The confidence this club has instilled in him blows my mind, he told me that he believes he was born to wrestle. Whether that be true or not, the fact that his coaches were able to open his eyes to realize his true passion, something he would rather do more than anything else in this world, is amazing. And Brett and Justin are giving him all the necessary tools to achieve all of his goals. While my son’s successes are always something I will be proud of, I am more proud to say that we are a part of the best club in San Diego. Within UTB we have forged lifelong friendships, made memories to last a lifetime, all while witnessing our children compete in the best sport in the world. It’s not your run of the mill club, it’s two young coaches who live and breathe for our kids and it’s a family. There is no other sport like wrestling, and there is no other club like UTB.”

-Rheanon Carvajal

  • Son: Billy Townson (age 9)

Our family moved to San Diego from Maryland during the summer of 2015. Having spent the two previous years with a very good, extremely committed wrestling club on the east coast, it was important to our family to find a solid club here for our boys to continue to grow with in the great sport of wrestling. Although we bought some mat time with another club to get some workouts in, we weren’t sure we felt “at home” anywhere we went until we had a chance meeting with the UTB family during a weigh-in for a tournament that UTB was hosting. After the weigh-in, Coach Brett invited our boys to work out with UTB that night and introduced them to chain wrestling. They were immediately hooked. It was new. It was easier to understand. It was fun. And it worked – they immediately started winning consistently.

In Maryland, we practiced 2 to 3 times a week, and it was always a struggle to keep the boys motivated through the long grueling season, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the boys constantly wanting to go to practice; consistently pushing themselves to be better; embracing the discomfort or hard work; growing with each workout; and keeping a great, humble attitude towards competing and winning in a new place. At times we were practicing or competing six to seven days a week and the boys were loving every minute of it! We had found our home.

After only achieving pedestrian success in Maryland, we weren’t sure what to expect in such a strong wrestling state like California, but in only a few short months both of our boys were enjoying the successes that come with hard work and buying into the UTB system, ranking in the top 10 in their age and weight at season’s end. At the conclusion of the season our eight year old qualified for SCWAY State, where he came one match away from placing, by taking 2nd in San Diego County. Our six year old qualified for SCWAY State, where he placed 7th, by taking 1st Place in San Diego County. What an amazing finish to a great year in a new system! We look forward to where the next year will take us!

-Sartain Family

  • Son: Garrison (age 8)
  • Son: Bennett (age 6)